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award-winning SDVOSB government contracting specialists

PetroOps, LLC is a fully funded company that  simplifies and streamlines the painful contracting lifecycle for our suppliers.


Our Story: Soldiers First, Soldiers Always

I will always place the mission first. I will never accept defeat. I will never quit. I will never leave a fallen comrade.

Officially incorporated in 2016, Petro Ops was founded by a combat veteran Army officers who continue to live the Warrior Ethos. A product of decades of military service, multiple combat tours, and now entrepreneurs and specialists in contract award and fulfillment management, we know what it means to fight a war and how vital it is to have consistent and reliable logistics. 

Our dedication to supporting the DoD mission and fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms means we are committed to providing quality and timely delivery of the most vital resource of all: fuel. 


Winning Team, Winning Model

Petro Ops, LLC is a minority, disabled-veteran owned small business with efficient processes allowing us to be very competitive in field. Our management routines and pricing analytics places all parties in the value-chain in a winning position. We have the knowledge, the financial capacity, and the structure needed to deliver continuous deal-flow to our supply network. 


Values-Driven Leaders

Petro Ops, LLC is owned and operated by retired military officers who strongly believe that great teams and businesses stand on a foundation of core values. 


Transparency, Respect, Unity, Service, and Timeliness. 

Our Customers


Our Value


Why Do Business with Petro Ops?

Achieve growth. We have a proven track record of awarding on contracts that are valuable for all partners providing many new opportunities to you and your alliances. 

High demand. Dozens of opportunities are directly solicited to us on a daily basis. As a minority and disabled veteran owned business, we provide inroads to opportunities across four agencies whom consume over 4BB gallons of fuel annually.

Experts in our field. We have been the contract writer, we have moved the fuel in combat, and we have moved fuel as contractors. We take the complexity out of navigating federal procurement. Simply put, we do all the government facing work, you move the fuel and together we manage the finances. 

Financially capable. We can either work with your credit line or provide our own as a cash and carry method.

Who We Need

Companies with demonstrated ability to provide bulk fuel delivery services and emergency fuel delivery services in support of prime government contractors. 

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Aviation Fuels

Aviation Fuels

Aviation Fuels


JA1, JP5, JP8, JAA, JTS, and KS1 ranging from small one time purchase to multi-million gallon, multi-node delivery.


Aviation Fuels

Aviation Fuels


Burner Grade FS4, Residual (Burner Grade) FS6, FOR, Bunkers Marine (MGO), Bunkers Intermediate Grade





Distillates F76, High Sulfur DF1, Generic (High Sulfur) DF2, Ultra Low Sulfur DS1, Ultra Low Sulfur DS2, Burner Grade FS1, Burner Grade FS2, Biodiesel BDI 





Through our partnerships, Petro Ops has nation-wide reach to deliver via multiple nodes based on need. 

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San Antonio, Texas, United States



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Frequently Asked Questions


How can new suppliers or distributors get involved?

Give us a call or send us an email with your capabilities and area of operations (city, state, etc). 

What about funding... Isn't the government really slow?

The government pays Petro Ops NET 20, so depending on the type of transaction, Petro Ops will pay as a cash and carry or through invoicing on a contract by contract basis. 

Do suppliers need to have any special licenses?

Nothing beyond the local, state, or federal laws that apply to your capabilities. Petro Ops is well rooted into the dozens of government websites and billing systems. A big advantage for all suppliers, you have one place to invoice and receive payment.

What's in it for the suppliers or investors?

Your investment and you service are already aligned to a buyer with a known return before putting any asset at risk. 

Vendor Details

Cage Code: 7S3N0

DUNS: 085324687

Business Type: 

Minority-Owned business, Self-Certified Small Disadvantaged Business, For-Profit Organization, Veteran Owned Business, DoT Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Limited Liability Company, Black American Owned, Service Disabled Veteran Owned


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